03/19/2020 - Stress can weaken your immune system, CBD can help.

CBD has many applications, and benefits and one such benefit is its ability to calm anxiety and decrease stress. We've all been thrown for a loop with this virus outbreak, there is a lot of people worrying about their financial future, their health, their families, and all of that can cause stress that weakens your immune response. Now while CBD won't prevent you from catching a virus, it can do wonders for your mood and anxiety while you're coping with the added stress associated with this pandemic and the unprecedented response by the government. You've heard that attitude is everything. Nature's Releaf is remaining open as long as we safely can do so, to provide relief to anyone suffering from stress and anxiety. We are offering delivery right now to the Raleigh triangle, for only $5.00 per order and free for $150 orders or more. Shop our products from the safety of your home, and once you find what you need, give us a call and we'll get you all checked out and schedule same day delivery of your items.



5224 Hollyridge Drive

Raleigh, NC 27612


T: (919) 424-7542

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