03/31/2020 - Having trouble sleeping? We have something for that!

We have a range of CBD products that are specifically designed to help you sleep. Come check out some products on our website, or in store. Here are some recommended products:

Green Roads Relax Bears - 300 mg, 10 mg per gummy

CBDistillery CBD gummies with Melatonin - 750 mg, 30 mg per gummy

Nanocraft Night Tincture - 300 mg, 10 mg per dose.

Charlottes Web SLEEP gummies - 600 mg, 10 mg per gummy

KOI Peach Iced Tea Sleep Aid Shot with Melatonin - 25 mg, single dose.

Green Roads SOOTH syrup PM Natural Sleep Remedy - 60 mg (10 mg melatonin)

Lazarus Naturals High Potency Relaxation capsules - 25 mg each capsule

Apothecary Tea (various types for sleep) - 60 mg per tea bag

Blue Ridge CBD Bath Balms for relaxation, to unwind before bed - 60 mg each

You can find these on our website, or call us and ask for a specific product, we will deliver it to your door free of charge ($40 minimum order) if you are in our local delivery area, and we ship for just $10 if you are outside our delivery area. Also, our store is open for business if you want to come get it in person. Just adhere to social distancing while in the store. Thank you for your business and support!



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