All new SLEEP line by Green Roads, Now in stock

Sleep is a central part of our health and well-being. Green Roads is happy to introduce our expanded sleep line including oils, gummies, and capsules, with melatonin, CBD and CBN to help our customers find their perfect product for a better night’s rest.

Green Roads is a pharmaceutical grade oil that contains NO THC, but their proprietary blend packs a lot of potency. If Sleep is something you are having a hard time with in these stressful days, come try out one of these new products.

Sweet Sleep Single Dose pack - $3.00

Sweet Sleep Tincture 25mg per dose - $90

Sleepy z's 30-count jar - $50

Sleepy z's grab and go 50 mg packs - $9.50

Sleep Capsules 30 count bottle - $50

Pleasant dreams!

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