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Celebrate 420 Raffle!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021


We have launched a 420 promotion. Come to Nature's Releaf anytime between now and 4/20 and earn Raffle tickets for some great prizes that we will draw on 4/21.


How to get a ticket:

For every $10 you spend, you'll automatically get 1 ticket. (We will offer your tickets at time of checkout or pickup. Shipping orders are not eligible for raffle tickets)

How long does this promotion last?

Tickets will be given out from 4/8 through 4/20

When is the drawing?

Prize Drawings will be done on 4/21 in the NEW Garner store location at 4:00 PM

What if I can't attend the drawing?

Winning raffle ticket numbers will be posted on our website, and in each store.

How do I redeem a winning ticket?

Prizes will be available at our Garner store.

RAFFLE PRIZES: (Prizes are shown below, we reserve the right to add additional prizes, or make changes to the listed prizes below)

1. Full Spectrum Kit – (over $200 value)

a. Flat River 1000 mg Lemonade CBD Tincture ($50)

b. OCHO 1000 mg Delta 8 Tincture ($35)

c. cbdMD 300 mg Freeze Roller ($30)

d. Apothecary CBD Tea – ($16)

e. Koi Delta 8 Gummies 500 mg – ($40)

f. Omerta Smellproof bag – ($30)

g. 1 gram Delta 8 Flower or 3.5 grams of CBD Flower ($10+ value)

2. Grav Slush Cup Bong ($90 value) OR Dynavap Battery Free dry vap rig ($75 value)

3. 3 x winners: Koi Skateboard AND Nature’s Releaf T-shirt

4. 3 x winners: Nature’s Releaf T-Shirt & 300 Releaf points.

5. 10 x winners:

a. 1 pack of Moon Babies OR 1 CBD Squib

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