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DELTA 8 Concentrates at Nature's Releaf!

We've got a lot happening at Nature's Releaf, we wanted to highlight the concentrates we currently carry - some we've had a while and some newer things in case you haven't been in for a few weeks.

Shop for Dabs now!

Funni Wax

Dabs ($40) - These were the first Delta 8 concentrates we carried and they have been so popular, they come in 4 different flavors and pack a huge punch.

3Chi Sauce Dabs & Distillate ($35) - 3Chi is the king of Delta 8, they pioneered the Vape carts, and still have the largest selection and best overall quality. These sauce dabs are for those seeking a really strong Delta 8 hit. You can use the Distillate for making your own edibles, or just dab it by itself!

Utoya Shatter dabs ($35) - We recently started carrying Utoya and they have been a solid company, and we just added their Shatter to our line of concentrates - if you like high potency stuff, this shatter is for you!

Snapdragon Distillate ($30) - We just recently started carrying Snapdragon delta 8 products - and we have been very impressed. They use a very high quality distillate in all their products and we carry their distillate in 1 and 2 gram jars and syringes. Complete with Terpenes!

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