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Delta 8 Product Update at Nature's Releaf

We are still expanding our Delta 8 product line and I wanted to take a moment to mention some of the new arrivals. These are high quality products, at some great prices!

CLICK HERE to see all our Delta 8 products - or click on a product below to jump straight to it.

Canna River Vape Carts: are BACK IN STOCK. Just $30 per vape cart, if you haven't tried these, we have had some great feedback on the flavors and potency.

CannabisLife Delta 8 Gummies: Made by Green roads, one of the top CBD companies in the country, they have expanded into the Delta 8 market and are offering some very potent gummies at an unbelievable price! 750 mg total bottle for only $40.00!

Canna Banna Candy Ropes & Twists: These 500 and 600 mg candy ropes are only $20 and $25. If you want a change from a standard gummy or chocolate, these are delicious ways to get your Delta 8.

Bhumi Chocolates: We have a wide variety of delicious delta 8 chocolate, and two new flavors of the Bhumi squares. White Chai, and Dark Tirimisu. Only $4.00 per square, or get 10 for just $36!

Snapdragon Treats: We have a whole line of cereal treats, brownies, coffee cake. honey, and cookies - all with high potency and high quality distillates. Prices range from $6.00 - $25.00 but are all well worth it!

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