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LATER HOURS at the Garner Store, coming 5/17/2021.

So we opened the Garner store last month on 4/23, and after seeing the traffic trends and to better serve the area, we have decided to extend our Garner store hours by 1 hour on weekdays. So beginning 5/17, the Garner store will begin to stay open until 8:00 PM.

We are always adding new products to our inventory, so if you haven't seen us in awhile, we want to welcome you back to check out some of the best Delta 8, Delta 10 and CBD in the Raleigh triangle!

Also, don't miss the ribbon cutting ceremony with the city of Garner on 5/18 at 2:00 PM. Anyone coming to the Garner store that day will enjoy 15% off their entire order!

See you there!

Nature's Releaf

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