DELTA-8 Products

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

We're always expanding our selection of Delta-8 at Nature's Releaf and we are happy to announce a few new product lines you will love!

Hii Stick Vape - these are very good quality, smooth tasting without the harshness that can sometimes accompany vape cartridges. We have disposable vape pens and 510 thread cartridges available. Best prices in Raleigh on all Delta-8. If you find an identical product cheaper anywhere in Raleigh, we often will price match if we're not already priced lower!

Canna River - This brand new line of affordable Delta-8 vape and tinctures are finally available. Available in 600 mg vape cartridges and 2,500 mg Tinctures.

Delta-8 Honey Sticks - These all new honey sticks by Drift CBD are a quick easy way to get a strong dose of Delta-8. We have 40 mg Honey sticks for $4 each, and single dose gummies at 25 mg each for only $3. This is one of the best ways to get your feet wet and experiment with Delta-8, with very little investment. We are pretty sure once you have tried this, you will be back for more!

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