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New Product arrivals.

We are constantly getting new products in stock, and we would like to take the time to show some of the newest and most interesting products that are now in our line up:

  1. Bhumi Raspberry Dark Chocolate (THC-V, Rare cannabinoid): These new chocolates utilize a new rare cannabinoid. This is offered in 20mg individual pieces. The flavor is Dark Raspberry. THCV is non-intoxicating, and offers energy, mental clarity, and works as an appetite suppressant. It's a very lucid and focused energy, and a big favorite around here!

  2. OZE Disposable Delta 8 Pen: A new disposable by OZE, if you like to try out different brands, we've just started carrying these and would love to get feedback. These are locally sourced, and from what we can tell, are very nice quality disposables.

  3. Bearly Legal Delta 8 Vape carts: Move over 3Chi, these new carts by Bearly Legal are going to give them a run for their money. We already have known that Bearly Legal gummies are some of the most popular in the industry, as we can hardly keep them in stock, these new vape carts may also be a game changer. They are priced very well for a 1 gram cart, and come in a huge number of strains. We only carry several strains at present, but will continue to add more in the coming weeks.

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