New Rare Cannabinoid Products - THC-p, Delta 10

We are constantly getting new products, and we wanted to take the opportunity to show you some of the new arrivals at Nature's Releaf over the past couple weeks.


EFFEX PLATIMUM Delta 8 + THC-p Vape Cart:

These new carts by Effex are an amazing combination of Delta 8 and THC-p. If you are not aware of THC-p, it is a rare cannabinoid that provides a similar feeling of Delta 9 THC but this one is fully legal and derived from Hemp.

THCp and THC are extremely similar molecules, and research shows that THCp is actually stronger than normal THC (delta 9)


Treetop Hemp Delta 10 Disposables:

These are proving to be very popular Delta 10 carts. If you haven't tried Delta 10, a lot of users describe it as more of a "in the head" where Delta 8 is "in the body". We have several other brands of Delta 10, but these are quickly becoming the most popular.

Happi Delta 10 vape carts:

These are from the same company that makes the Pure Clear delta 8 carts, which are the best selling Delta 8 carts we currently carry. Happi is Delta 10 and provide a variety of strains at an affordable price.

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